Common Tax Problems and Solutions

All income tax situations are personal and unique. Our professional tax attorneys understand the complexity and individual nature of income tax issues. We are here to ensure that the proper avenues and channels are pursued in order to deal with your income tax debt problem.

We offer a variety of services to meet each individual’s tax need. The following is a list of such services:

Chapter 7 plans to discharges income tax debt

If you have an older, timely filed income tax debt that is owed to either the IRS or New York State, it is possible to discharge that debt through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Our attorneys will work to ensure that you fit all the requirements for discharge.

Chapter 13 plans in New York

If your income exceeds the levels required to qualify for Chapter 7 and you have the income available to begin paying your creditors back, Chapter 13 may be a good fit for you. As attorneys and CPAs we can work with your creditors to reorganize the debt you owe.

Chapter 11 plans in New York

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is offered to businesses that may need time to restructure their debt in order to reemerge as a healthy, successful business.  Our firm can help your business redirect itself and get moving toward profitability.

Tax Adversary Proceeding

An adversary proceeding is a separate lawsuit filed within the bankruptcy case usually to challenge a discharge of a debt. The taxing authority or creditor must establish that the debt discharged was granted based on a fraud. As skilled tax litigators, we can represent and defend your interest strongly against such a proceeding.

Offers to Compromise

An offer to compromise allows you to settle your tax debt with either the feds or New York State for less than you actually owe. Such offers are generally accepted if the taxing authority believes the offer represents the most they can expect to collect within a reasonable amount of time. Our tax attorneys can draft such an offer for you and see the process to its conclusion.

Installment Agreement

An installment agreement permits for you to make monthly payments on your federal and/or state taxes and avoid interest and penalties for non-payment. Our firm’s tax attorneys understand the qualification for this program and can explain the process to you in the simplest terms.

IRS Tax Due Diligence

In order to establish what income taxes may be dischargeable for you, you will need to begin by ordering an IRS tax transcript for the years you are attempting to discharge. Our attorneys can guide you in adequately preparing those orders.

Wage garnishment and levy removal in New York

If your employer has been ordered to withhold some portion of your earnings in order to pay a debt, it may be time to have that order removed. Contact our office and we can look into it for you.

Tax research for proposed transactions

Are you considering buy or selling a business or piece of land? It is best to understand up front the tax consequences of such a transaction. Allow us to do the time-consuming research for you.

Like Kind Exchange planning and closing

Some real estate transactions may qualify for tax-free treatment under the IRS rules. An attorney from our firm can investigate this status for you and represent you in contract reviews and at the closing of a transaction in New York.

New York Tax Court filings

We file and litigate all types of tax issues in the New York court system. An aggressive litigator from our office will proudly represent you in front of these courts.

Along with being both a bankruptcy and tax law firm, we are also attorneys and CPAs. We bring a varied skill set that can solve just about any tax issue. Contact us or call (877) 748-1223 today to get started on solving your tax individual question.