Reasons Why People File For Bankruptcy And Need A Bankruptcy Attorney

There are a number of reasons someone may need a bankruptcy attorney. No matter what the reason for filing the bankruptcy may be, having a lawyer who has experience in this area is essential. First, consideration needs to be given as to why someone might file bankruptcy and then to why they would need a bankruptcy lawyer.

The main reason someone needs to have their debts discharged is due to overspending. When credit cards and other bills become overwhelming and unaffordable, filing for bankruptcy may be the only way out. Another reason that some people have to consider filing is due to divorce. The dissolution of a marriage can result in obligations that an individual may not be in a position to afford, and this could provide a means of getting the relief they need. The loss of income can also be a major factor in why someone might need a bankruptcy attorney.

Getting laid off from a job and having to rely on unemployment or receiving no income at all is a major reason why someone may have to seek relief from their debts. Another thing that can cause a loss of income is health issues. When someone comes down with a medical condition that forces them to leave their job, either temporarily or permanently, they will have to rely on disability income to pay their bills. Many times this will lead to financial hardship and the need to seek relief. Another factor that will likely effect the debts of someone dealing with a medical condition is mounting medical bills. Many people may not have enough insurance to cover a large amount of their medical bills, while others may have no insurance coverage at all. When these situations arise, there may be no other choice other than to consult an attorney.

While all of these are valid reasons for filing bankruptcy, there are still other reasons why consulting with an attorney is critical. First of all, an attorney who has experience in this type of debt relief will be able to recommend the proper filing option. There are differences between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 that only an attorney with experience will be able to explain to their clients. Another reason using a lawyer who has experience is important is due to the actual filing of the papers. This is not an easy task and making sure the papers are filled out properly and that all creditors have been notified is something that should only be entrusted to someone who has had experience in performing these tasks. These are all valid reasons why people need a bankruptcy lawyer.