Paying Delinquent Taxes

If you missed the deadline to make a tax payment and are now delinquent, there are several options to pay the money you owe the Internal Revenue Service. A missed payment does not necessarily mean the IRS will conduct a tax audit.  A missed payment also does not mean the IRS will necessarily begin aggressive […]

Offshore Bank Account Rules

In an effort to avoid tax obligations, people were opening bank accounts abroad so the Internal Revenue Service could not track or tax the taxpayer’s true income.  Under U.S. tax law, U.S. citizens and permanent residents are required to report any income from foreign bank accounts. The fact that the income is not reported to […]

IRS Will Allow Late Tax Filing For Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy recently impacted the country, but the bulk of the damage was done in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  In times of tragedy, the last thing anyone wants to worry about or should have to worry about is taxes. However, the IRS has strict deadlines, many of which are coming up in the […]

Bronx Tax Preparer Charged in Scheme Involving $7 Million In Fraudulent Deductions

Recently, New York attorneys announced the indictment of Mark Goldberg, a Bronx tax preparer, for his participation in a multi-year tax fraud scheme.   Goldberg prepared thousands of tax returns for clients that contained millions of dollars in fraudulent, itemized deductions and tax credits that the taxpayers were not legally owed. Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara […]

Reduce Real Property Taxes

The ongoing credit crunch in New York, leading to a decline in market values of commercial and residential real property continues to provide money saving opportunities for property owners in New York to obtain reductions in the tax valuation of their real estate.  This leads to a decrease their real property taxes.  If you own […]