New York Tax Levies

A levy is an order issued by the court to a bank or other third party to turn over funds or assets belonging to you to New York State to pay a tax obligation. Before a tax levy can be issued, a tax warrant must be filed. What is a Tax Warrant? A tax warrant […]

What to Do About Your Tax Debt

Few things are worse to think about than your tax debt. You knew that when you filed, or did not file, that taxes would be owed, or you were surprised to get a notice advising you of an underpayment and that penalties and interest are accumulating. In these situations, there are some things you can […]

Are You Responsible for Your Spouse’s Tax Debt?

Spouses who communicate and share in the finances and obligations of the relationship expect to also share in each other’s tax debts. When you file jointly, for example, the IRSa and the New York Tax Department treats you as a single taxpayer. Any refund that is due is not apportioned. Consequently, any offset on a […]

Tax Debt Helps in Bankruptcy

Even if you have a significant amount of ‘consumer debt,’ as long as your ‘tax debt’ is more than your consumer debt, you may be able to avoid taking the means test, no matter what your monthly income. You may also still be able to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy despite earning more than the allowed […]