Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy is a complicated process with various rules for a range of situations.  As a result, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer.  A bankruptcy lawyer can help you figure out if you have options other than bankruptcy.  If bankruptcy is the best option for you, an attorney can help you figure […]

The Truth About Bankruptcy

Perception is not always reality.  Do not be fooled by someone driving around in a luxury car and wearing designer clothes.  People rarely buy cars in cash, and people cannot always afford the car loan that comes with the car.  Just because someone has a nice car does not mean they are comfortably making all […]

When Debt Collection Becomes Harassment

Most debtors believe that because they owe debt, creditors have an unqualified right to contact them to collect their funds.  Debtors are correct in that creditors have a right to contact them to collect the money that is owed to them.  However, this right is not without its limits. Lawmakers realized that calls about money […]

What Is A Charged Off Debt?

A creditor has the right to control your debt obligation.  A creditor can agree to wipe out the debt at any time.  In some cases, the creditor can agree to charge off debt.  Charged off debt means the creditor makes a declaration that the debt is unlikely to be collected.  It is important to note […]

Bankruptcy Co-Debtors

When there are debts, co-debtors are obligated to pay a debt if the person/entity who incurred the debt does not pay. When a bankruptcy petition has been filed by just one of the co-debtors, a creditor may pursue payment from the non-bankrupt co-debtor. When the bankruptcy case goes to discharge, just because a debt is […]