12 Myths about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy – the term brings up some pretty unsettling images for many people. The idea of being destitute, living the rest of your life under a label that you can never quite shake. Unfortunately, many of the assumptions people have about bankruptcy are untrue. Bankruptcy is a tool, a process that serves an important purpose […]

Which Chapter of Bankruptcy Should You Choose?

Once you make the decision to file for bankruptcy to have a fresh start to your financial life, you must decide which Chapter you should file under.  A New York bankruptcy attorney can assist you in determining the appropriate Chapter to file your bankruptcy case under. The most common types of bankruptcy filings for consumers […]

Bankruptcy and Tax Obligations

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of the debtor’s debt will be discharged.  However, some tax debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  The obligation to pay taxes is one of the most rigid duties we all share.  In bankruptcy, this usually does not change.  Unless the taxes meet very specific elements required for discharge, the bankrupt […]

Do You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Since debtors facing bankruptcy are experiencing financial hardship, the last thing the debtor wants to do is have to pay exorbitant legal fees to an attorney to file his or her bankruptcy case. Thus, debtors often ask whether they need an attorney to file a bankruptcy case for them.  The answer is no.  As with […]

How To File For Bankruptcy In New York

If an individual has decided to file for bankruptcy, he or she is probably experiencing financial turmoil and the emotional effects that come along with it.  Further, there are several steps involved in filing for bankruptcy in New York.  As a result, it is best to know and understand the rules of bankruptcy before you […]