Debt Incurred After Bankruptcy Filing

Any debt that is accrued before a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, and is listed on the bankruptcy petition, will be paid as a part of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.  On the other hand, most of the debt that is incurred after the debtor has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy must be paid outside the […]

Can Student Loans Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Student Loans and Bankruptcy College education costs continue to rise and so do the number of college graduates who are carrying a considerable amount of debt from their student loans. Ideally, students would graduate and use their degrees to find high paying positions that allow them to pay off their loans in a timely fashion. […]

Credit Card Debt as a Cause of Bankruptcy

New York City Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt Attorneys As many people reassess their financial state early in 2013, some will decide it’s time to consult with New York City bankruptcy and credit card attorneys to solve debt problems. Credit Card Debt causes bankruptcy, and bankruptcy can be the right solution to a financial dilemma, […]

How to Rebuild After Bankruptcy

The effects of filing for bankruptcy can be devastating.  In order for the debtor to rebuild his or her financial life, the debtor will have to be disciplined financially.  Most of all, the debtor will have to deal with the emotions of bankruptcy. Sometimes the most devastating effects of bankruptcy are the emotional ones.  It […]

The Consequences of Bankruptcy

For most Americans bankruptcy is a frightening prospect.  It means that the debtor is unable to pay his or her bills because the debt exceeds the assets.  There are many pervasive bankruptcy myths about the effect of bankruptcy on the debtor’s financial life that add to the fear of bankruptcy.  As a result, most Americans […]