Being Free: Bankruptcy Dockets and Discharges

When you have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you always hope to not spend very long in trusteeship. When you receive a discharge, it means that essentially, your life is your own again. There are certain factors in your bankruptcy case that will govern how long it will take you to receive […]

Being Smart About Improving Your Credit

In the modern era, debt is not a simple matter between you and your creditors.  Anyone who has ever rented an apartment, applied for a credit card, or tried to set up payments on a new car knows that credit scores play a significant role in determining whether you will be able to obtain credit. […]

Debt Collectors Turn to Social Media

Historically, people who have experienced crushing debt have faced seemingly endless harassing phone calls from debt collectors.  Consumer protections are in place to help limit the worst of these calls.  Debt collectors have now moved on to a new technology to attack Americans who struggle to make ends meet.  Now the collectors have taken to […]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sues Debt Collection Lawsuit Mill

Most people who have experienced crushing debt are familiar with debt collectors.  Even a person who has not experienced debt himself has heard about endless harassing phone calls from debt collectors coming in day and night.  But there is another sort of harassment leveled by collectors that can be even more damaging than the humiliating phone […]