Even Companies Who Work For the President File for Bankruptcy

One very prominent bankruptcy myth is that only the lazy and poor file for bankruptcy.  This is an inaccurate statement.  Honest debtors who have fallen on hard times, for various reasons like sickness or loss of a job, file for bankruptcy to get a fresh start in their financial life. Large and popular companies also […]

Laws.com Interview with Stephen B. Kass

In March of 2013, one of the most influential bankruptcy attorney referral sites, Laws.com. interviewed Stephen Kass. During the interview, Steve talked about how devastating the economy has been since 2008. He also talked about how the government has made filing for bankruptcy very difficult since Congress passed a means test for filing a petition […]

Toni Braxton Denies Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Toni Braxton is the R&B singer famous for selling millions of records, winning several Grammys and making millions of dollars.  Around twelve years ago, Braxton also became known for losing millions of dollars, falling into financial hardship and filing for bankruptcy. Braxton first filed for bankruptcy in 1998.  Twelve years later, she was back in […]

Resources for Bankruptcy News

Some of the best web sites for bankruptcy news include: http://www.cacb.uscourts.gov/ http://www.canb.uscourts.gov/ http://www.nolo.com/ Of course, The Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass also provides updates on the economy, tax, bankruptcies, and foreclosure relief laws. Before filing for bankruptcy, learn about bankruptcy terminology and options with web site research and other educational materials at libraries or […]

Peter Madoff Pled Guilty

Four years after Bernard Madoff turned the financial lives of many upside down, and continues to make headline news for bankruptcy enthusiasts, Bernard Madoff’s brother, Peter Madoff, pleaded guilty on June 30, 2012 to criminal charges of conspiracy and falsifying records.  At common law, conspiracy involved an agreement between two or more people to commit […]