Is Pro Se (Filing Bankruptcy without an attorney) feasible?

Families or business owners who are considering filing for bankruptcy may wonder if it is a good idea to file on their own without an attorney. While it is certainly possible to file without the assistance of an attorney, in most cases, it is not a good idea. Bankruptcy laws are extremely confusing and one […]

What is a Credit Card Judgment?

Credit card judgments are awarded by a court to a credit card company, or their debt collectors, against a consumer who has failed to pay a credit card. However, the period between the time you stop making credit card payments and a company obtaining a judgment can be extremely long depending on the credit card┬ácompanies┬áprocedures. […]

What is a Writ of Garnishment

When you owe money to any creditor, the creditor has a right to go to court and obtain a judgment. Once they do, you may be dealing with a writ of garnishment for your wages, personal property or your bank account. In New York, the maximum amount that may be garnished from your wages is […]

What is the Brunner Test

Under current law, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy in the same manner as other unsecured debts. According to statute, you must prove that repayment of the loan will cause you and your dependents undue hardship. There is no precise statutory definition of undue hardship and it is a difficult hurdle to get past. […]