Chapter 13 Discharge in New York

A chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as the wage earner’s bankruptcy.  In Chapter 13, you can keep your property and repay your debts over a period of time, often 3 to 5 years.  Your repayment must be approved by the bankruptcy court.  Once your Chapter 13 Plan is approved, you begin making payments according […]

Should You Buy A Car Prior to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Buying a car before filing for bankruptcy might be a good idea.. However, as with all financial decisions that you are confronted with before or during the bankruptcy process you should discuss this with your attorney before committing to a purchase. Advantages of Car Purchase While it is possible to purchase a new or used […]

How Child Support Obligations Can Affect Your Bankruptcy Discharge

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used by debtors who are partially able to pay some creditors.  If the debtor is ready, willing, and able to pay creditors with extra money after his or her living expenses are paid, Chapter 13 provides a way for the debtor to restructure their loan agreements and start fresh making […]

Filing for Bankruptcy When Unemployed

Losing a job is a traumatic experience no matter what the circumstances, and most people like to believe their ill gotten fate is just a bump in the road. Many will try to keep up with bills even though they do not have the income to handle it. They might access their “rainy day” savings […]

Credit Card Debt as a Cause of Bankruptcy

New York City Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt Attorneys As many people reassess their financial state early in 2013, some will decide it’s time to consult with New York City bankruptcy and credit card attorneys to solve debt problems. Credit Card Debt causes bankruptcy, and bankruptcy can be the right solution to a financial dilemma, […]