Is Your Business Prepared for the End of the Recession?

Although financial analysts can’t agree on when the economic downturn will end, there is no doubt that it will. When the economy turns around and your business picks up, will your company be ready for prosperity? Using Chapter 11 bankruptcy New York businesses are setting the stage for future growth. Companies Struggling to Stay Afloat […]

When You Forget To List a Creditor in a Business Bankruptcy

From time to time, New York bankruptcy law firms are contacted by clients who realize that they have overlooked a debt during the bankruptcy proceeding. The effect of this oversight depends on the reason for the omission and the state of the filing. Deliberate Omission of Debt Never deliberately neglect to inform your bankruptcy law […]

Options for Business Bankruptcy

Company owners investigating business bankruptcy in New York may be confused about what bankruptcy is and what type of filing is best for the organization. While filing bankruptcy can be complicated and should always be done with the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney, the basic concepts aren’t difficult to understand. What Is Bankruptcy? When a […]

Regaining Business Health After A Corporate Bankruptcy

A successful New York bankruptcy filing involves more than just signing a few papers and going about your business. An organization’s primary responsibilities have changed and the business philosophy must change as well. The Typical Business Climate A private business is designed to generate profits for the owner. The culture of the organization is built […]