Why Choose A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Though legally possible to go through the entire bankruptcy process without outside counsel, it is often recommended that businesses and individuals retain a qualified lawyer as a guide through this overwhelming and difficult time. Bankruptcy lawyers are even known to hire other bankruptcy lawyers to handle their legal affairs when they have need of the […]

Bankruptcy: Why and When to File

The prospect of declaring bankruptcy can be a promising one, chock full of the possibility of erasing certain financial obligations, finally having peace at home without the incessant ringing of the phone and ominous creditors demanding payment and moving forward without devastating debt. At the same time, the process can be daunting, leaving extensive imprints […]

Businesses Plagued by Bad Solutions to Debt Problems

People in debt have always been prime targets for con artists who promise them easily solutions to their debt problems. But consumers aren’t the only targets. A new generation of sharks has targeted the business debtor and the average bankruptcy lawyer in New York has many stories about clients who have fallen for these games. […]