Consumer Bankruptcy Law

In 2013, 37,940 cases of consumer bankruptcy were filed in New York and most of these were Chapter 7 bankruptcies. As the increasing number of job losses, divorce and other financial pressures mount against consumers, the need to seek legal options for relief also have grown.

Consumers who are experiencing difficulty with debt and creditor harassment come to the Law Office of Stephen B. Kass, in NYC and in Long Island, NY, to get strong legal representation and to determine which options for relief are best suited to their individual situation. Dealing with constant calls from creditors trying to collect debt is one reason people seek legal advice about consumer bankruptcy. It may be the first time in their lives they interact with an attorney, so finding one that is compassionate about this problem is important. Steven B. Kass and Diana Revzin are caring lawyer who understands what his clients are going through as they fight to regain a normal financial position when life’s curves have thrown them for a loop.

The law practice of choice for The Law Office of Stephen B. Kass is NYC Bankruptcy and Tax Law.The firm has an excellent background of education, experience and wisdom to help clients get past their financial problems. These include many financial nightmares, such as:

  • Overwhelming debt
  • Collection call harassment
  • Foreclosure threats

When bankruptcy is the best option, we work close with our clients to help them get immediate relief from collection calls and harassment. The law office associates are equally friendly and work hard to help you reach your goals. Documents are always prepared properly and filed in a timely manner, in order to keep costs to a minimum while speeding up the process.

Financial Problems and Consumer Bankruptcy

Clients may opt to seek relief from filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or another form of consumer bankruptcy. They have very severe financial problems, and consumer bankruptcy is an important solution to put an end to the emotional rollercoaster their debt problems cause. It is not efficient or smart to try to solve these issues on your own; hiring an attorney is your best solution when debt is overwhelming.

Do not hesitate to seek legal advice and representation from the Law Office of Stephen B. Kass. We serve clients from offices in both New York City and in Long Island, NY. Trying to file bankruptcy on your own is a mistake and can be costly. The best first step to recovery from debt and financial problems is to seek advice from an experienced NY bankruptcy and tax law attorney. We welcome inquires from new clients anytime; call us now toll-free, at (866) 244-7990, to discuss your legal options.