Bankruptcy Co-Debtors

When there are debts, co-debtors are obligated to pay a debt if the person/entity who incurred the debt does not pay. When a bankruptcy petition has been filed by just one of the co-debtors, a creditor may pursue payment from the non-bankrupt co-debtor. When the bankruptcy case goes to discharge, just because a debt is […]

Negotiating with a Creditor

If debt is substantial or a person has many different creditors, a person may consider negotiating with creditors him/herself to improve the financial situation without filing bankruptcy.  When negotiating directly with creditors, the person has to be careful of what the individual says, and try not to give away too much personal information to allow […]

Resources for Bankruptcy News

Some of the best web sites for bankruptcy news include: Of course, The Law Offices of Stephen B. Kass also provides updates on the economy, tax, bankruptcies, and foreclosure relief laws. Before filing for bankruptcy, learn about bankruptcy terminology and options with web site research and other educational materials at libraries or […]

How to Choose a NY Bankruptcy Attorney?

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding to discharge debt for businesses and individuals.  Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, and does not necessarily need to be negative.  The proceedings are not always adversarial.  The bankruptcy trustee and the creditors may agree that it is the best route for a debtor to cut off old debt. Bankruptcy provides […]