Filing for Bankruptcy When Unemployed

Losing a job is a traumatic experience no matter what the circumstances, and most people like to believe their ill gotten fate is just a bump in the road. Many will try to keep up with bills even though they do not have the income to handle it. They might access their “rainy day” savings […]

Credit Card Debt as a Cause of Bankruptcy

New York City Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt Attorneys As many people reassess their financial state early in 2013, some will decide it’s time to consult with New York City bankruptcy and credit card attorneys to solve debt problems. Credit Card Debt causes bankruptcy, and bankruptcy can be the right solution to a financial dilemma, […]

Stop Auto Repossession in NYC

If you are hiding your vehicle to keep the “repo man” from taking it back, you’re most likely going to lose your car sooner rather than later. There is a better way to stop your car from being repossessed and to stop other creditor harassment. While filing bankruptcy is a drastic step, it may be […]

How to Rebuild After Bankruptcy

The effects of filing for bankruptcy can be devastating.  In order for the debtor to rebuild his or her financial life, the debtor will have to be disciplined financially.  Most of all, the debtor will have to deal with the emotions of bankruptcy. Sometimes the most devastating effects of bankruptcy are the emotional ones.  It […]

Toni Braxton Denies Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Toni Braxton is the R&B singer famous for selling millions of records, winning several Grammys and making millions of dollars.  Around twelve years ago, Braxton also became known for losing millions of dollars, falling into financial hardship and filing for bankruptcy. Braxton first filed for bankruptcy in 1998.  Twelve years later, she was back in […]