Can Student Loans Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Student Loans and Bankruptcy College education costs continue to rise and so do the number of college graduates who are carrying a considerable amount of debt from their student loans. Ideally, students would graduate and use their degrees to find high paying positions that allow them to pay off their loans in a timely fashion. […]

Completing Tax Returns

One thing all Americans must do is file tax returns every year.  It is important to fill out tax returns so that they are complete and accurate.  This applies regardless of how much or how little money the taxpayer has, and regardless of whether the taxpayer is struggling financially. Taxpayers must file tax returns every […]

Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

Your medical bills can be eliminated through bankruptcy One of the leading contributors to bankruptcy is medical debt. Numerous New York residents have been laid-off and cannot afford to purchase health insurance. Even those who have health insurance, routinely incur enormous co-payments due to an accident or major illness. Many times, the medical care costs […]

Dealing with Tax Lien Issues in New York

New York City residents have federal and state tax obligations. If you don’t pay your taxes, you are subject to penalties including an Internal Revenue Service lien. A lien is not the same thing as a levy. A lien simply secures the government’s interest in your property, which means that it can take your property […]

Preventing Wage Garnishment

When you are living paycheck to paycheck, the idea of someone cutting into that paycheck is frightening. But there are ways to to prevent wage garnishment. Some people who are on the brink of a garnishment are able to negotiate a payment plan with creditors in order to avoid a garnishment. In these cases, creditors […]