What To Do If You Cannot Pay Your Bills

People contemplating bankruptcy generally cannot afford to pay off the various debts they have accrued.  However, bankruptcy has significant consequences.  As a result, there are some steps debtors can take to try to improve a bleak financial situation before making the decision to begin the bankruptcy process. If you can only afford to keep up […]

Consumer Credit Counseling

If you plan to file for bankruptcy, you are required to participate in consumer credit counseling from a government approved agency within 180 days of the filing. Pre-bankruptcy counseling is designated to ensure that the debtor is an appropriate candidate for bankruptcy.  The counseling session should include an evaluation of the debtor’s personal financial situation, […]

Bankruptcy Alternatives

There are several myths about bankruptcy and the perils of filing.  However, bankruptcy is often the best option for many debtors.  Nonetheless, each individual contemplating obtaining debt relief through bankruptcy, should seek the advice of an attorney to determine if bankruptcy is in his or her best interest. Bankruptcy may seem like an attractive option […]

Debt Incurred After Bankruptcy Filing

Any debt that is accrued before a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, and is listed on the bankruptcy petition, will be paid as a part of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.  On the other hand, most of the debt that is incurred after the debtor has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy must be paid outside the […]

Bank Levy in New York City

Imagine getting a letter in the mail informing you that your mortgage payment has been rejected by your bank for insufficient funds. This may be because your bank account has been levied by another creditor whom you owed money. Unfortunately, in days past, New York banks automatically froze bank accounts rendering them useless for the […]